Good Morning! As a part of #EarlybirdChallenge I've started the morning yoga class. Normally I would never be awake at 7 am but here I am. First thing which made me happy this morning is the sunrise! It is the second sunrise in a week and it's magical! It is like watching amazing sunset but adding lots of expectations for the day and this enormous energy that comes from the rising sun! Hatch on Macintosh lane hosts yoga three mornings a week and this is my second one. It is 8.30am, I finished the class and feeling great! Long day ahead!

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It’s September and it’s time to wake up from the summer fairy tale to the reality. It may sound a bit depressing but we believe autumn should not be less exciting! This month we start from collaboration with Free Office Finder for their #EarlybirdChallenge campaign. We’ve teamed up to promote various activities and places to go in London in the early morning, and hopefully inspire people to get involved. East London mornings is the guide to the late mornings atmosphere and we never woke up earlier then the rush hour is over. Our promise is to wake up at least an hour earlier every day for a week and see the huge difference it can make to the mental and physical well-being. 
Everyone is welcome! To help motivate you on your life-changing challenge, EarlybirdChallenge will write about morning excursions telling you all about the benefits of the early rises and inspiring you to follow the lead!

We face 25,000 mornings in our lives – how do you spend yours? Do you hit the snooze button repeatedly, putting off the inevitability of the day ahead? Maybe you roll out of bed late, burn your toast and stumble bleary-eyed into another dreary commute. The morning can be an unpleasant notion – one that we’d rather not think about once 9am has come around, and we’ve settled into our desks for another long day of work and complaining about our lack of free time. 

The benefits of getting up in the early hours of the morning are enormous. You can make a huge difference to your health and mindset, simply by adjusting your sleeping pattern. By giving yourself more time in the morning, you can reduce your stress levels and enjoy some quiet time. Waking up earlier provides you with the opportunity to eat a proper breakfast, fuelling our bodies with the right stuff to make the most of the day ahead. Morning exercise energises the rest of our day as fresh oxygen encourages cell renewal and purifies blood, curing old aches and pains.

News about our challenge and places we recommend are to follow!

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Second edition is coming!

Here we go! Second edition of our Art Guide to East london is live and on it's way! With a bit of your help it should be ready by October 2014. Pre-order the book now through our crowdfunding page and you'll have a wonderful present for Christmas xxx

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This month we're celebrating our followers number on Instagram hit 38K! We would like to say Thank you for your interest and announce a small give away. Follow us on Instagram, take a picture of your atmospheric breakfast and tag #eastlondonmornings_giveaway for @eastlondonmornings. On February 14th we'll randomly choose three accounts and send you our surprise box. Love x

The Book

A very limited first edition (50 copies only) is now available for purchase at Roasted Gallery online! Every copy will be numbered and signed. 
While we're looking for a big serious publisher these copies will always remain unique and will be shipped to your lovely homes for free!

The Marwood

Probably there is only one place outside East London with coffee, cakes and ambiance to die for! 
The Marwood in Brighton! 

Market Cafe

Market Cafe
Broadway Market
E8 4QG 
020 7249 9070

Pitfield London

Pitfield London
Pitfield House, 
31-35 Pitfield Street 
N1 6HB


Towpath cafe neighbor 

46 De Beavoir Crescent,
N1 5SB


Haggerston Espresso Room
Unit C, 13 Downham Rd
N1 5AA
Hackney, UK

I made it for you

I made it for you
77 Pitfield Street, 
N1 6BT 

G&T Coffee&Organic shop

G&T Coffee
204 Cambridge Heath Road, 
E2 9NQ

The Gallery Cafe

The Gallery Cafe
21 Old Ford Road,
London E2 9PL.
020 8983 3624

Ray Stitch

Ray Stitch
99 Essex Road
N1 2SJ

A wonderful place where a sewer can spend an enjoyable hour carefully choosing the bits and pieces for a planned project. The shop operate over two floors and incorporate a coffee/sandwich bar on the ground floor with space for sewing classes and events below in the basement.


We wish you Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year!

Dalston Emporium

Dalston Emporium
127 Kingsland High Street, 
E8 2PB 

Bird Cafe

Bird Cafe
Bradbury str

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Andor Bureau

Andor Bureau
3 Mare str, Hackney
E8 4RP

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Tea Thyme

Tea Thyme

268-270 Cambridge Heath Road, Bethnal Green
London, E2 6QQ

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We start to publish poems that will be included in the guide. Pieces are specially written by Hackney based poet John Bedwell for East London Mornings project. Hope you'll enjoy them!

by John Bedwell

A small whiskered dog

perched on a woman’s lap

who’s beautiful, from the side,

and I’m reminded of my grandmother,

of children racing toy cars on the curb

in a humble afternoon,

in a hundred wheels recurring tandem,

on tiled tarmac boxes lie, sentenced, in order,

and I’m handed a song from a boy in the story

as he steps from the car in a thousand postures,

and whispers: “I came only to observe that child place

a hand upon her father’s face”,

yet no one else saw, no one did see,

but where’re they all going,

down to the sea? The canal,

where dark water sits, sometimes it speaks

listening to the ring of the hand-held stone

it pours on, inscrutably,

along seasons of the vine

plastic is carried along with the wind,

hobbling home in wafts, in a song, in a dream;

the whiskered dog nod’s to it’s mistress

and they pay and they leave

for to take a stroll by the murmuring waters.


An interview with East London Mornings project curator Katya Katkova for 'Dalston People': full interview

We ask cafe owners just one question "Why Hackney?"

Today this question answered
Jonathan, The Breakfast Club owner:

A number of reasons. It's authentic, and still retains that 'real' London feel. Look around and the big brands seemed to have stayed away (I can't for example tell you where the nearest Starbucks is). It's allowed little independents like ourselves a chance to develop and try different things. The variety of shops, restaurants and bars in the area are fantastic, all doing something a little different from the run of the mill. This attracts a type of customer, both those that work here to those that live or chose to come to Hackney on a night out. They're our type of customers, people who want to try something a little different.

Our first cafe was in Soho another hot bed of creative types and they seemed to like us straight away for the same reasons stated above, they're more likely to try something different. The funny thing is we see so many faces from our early days in Soho because a lot of creative companies have moved out from Soho to Hoxton and Shoreditch.

Fat Cat Cafe

Fat Cat Cafe
119 Stoke Newington Church Street

Stoke Newington
N16 0UD

Coffee Corner

Coffee Corner

102 Belgrade Road

Dalston, London N16 8DJ

07930 355 564