It’s September and it’s time to wake up from the summer fairy tale to the reality. It may sound a bit depressing but we believe autumn should not be less exciting! This month we start from collaboration with Free Office Finder for their #EarlybirdChallenge campaign. We’ve teamed up to promote various activities and places to go in London in the early morning, and hopefully inspire people to get involved. East London mornings is the guide to the late mornings atmosphere and we never woke up earlier then the rush hour is over. Our promise is to wake up at least an hour earlier every day for a week and see the huge difference it can make to the mental and physical well-being. 
Everyone is welcome! To help motivate you on your life-changing challenge, EarlybirdChallenge will write about morning excursions telling you all about the benefits of the early rises and inspiring you to follow the lead!

We face 25,000 mornings in our lives – how do you spend yours? Do you hit the snooze button repeatedly, putting off the inevitability of the day ahead? Maybe you roll out of bed late, burn your toast and stumble bleary-eyed into another dreary commute. The morning can be an unpleasant notion – one that we’d rather not think about once 9am has come around, and we’ve settled into our desks for another long day of work and complaining about our lack of free time. 

The benefits of getting up in the early hours of the morning are enormous. You can make a huge difference to your health and mindset, simply by adjusting your sleeping pattern. By giving yourself more time in the morning, you can reduce your stress levels and enjoy some quiet time. Waking up earlier provides you with the opportunity to eat a proper breakfast, fuelling our bodies with the right stuff to make the most of the day ahead. Morning exercise energises the rest of our day as fresh oxygen encourages cell renewal and purifies blood, curing old aches and pains.

News about our challenge and places we recommend are to follow!

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